Hummus Plates
all served with pita
Hummus Bar: select one from below   5.50 small      7.25 large

  • Mid-East: olives, almonds, feta & sumac
  • Cherokee Street: cilantro pesto & chili powder
  • Garlic: roasted garlic & sumac     
  • Roasted Red Pepper: roasted red pepper & feta
  • Artichoke: artichoke & feta
  • Spiced : jalapeño, onion, sriracha hot sauce
Hummus Wheel: extra-large hummus with all the toppings   9.95
Traditional Baba Ghanoush: roasted eggplant   6.25
Half & Half: hummus & baba   6.25

ezza (Combo) Plates
Sahara: traditional hummus, traditional baba, tabouli & falafel   9.95 small     12.95 large    
Cedars: traditional hummus, traditional baba, tabouli & Za’atar   9.95 small     12.95 large

Tabouli: chopped parsley, onion & bulgur   5.50
Fattoush: romaine, artichokes, Kalamata olives, red peppers, mushrooms, almonds, cucumber, onion and feta with house made vinaigrette & pita chips   7.25
Shawarma Salad: fattoush with chicken or lamb and yogurt tahini sauce   8.75
Falafel Salad: fattoush with falafel, feta and yogurt tahini sauce   8.25
Vegan Falafel Salad: fattoush (no feta) with falafel   8.25

Café Pizzas
whole wheat crust available
Oasis: hummus & feta   6.25
Mid-East: olives, almonds, feta & sumac   6.25
Veggie: mushroom, spinach, roasted red pepper, onion & artichoke   6.25
Spinach Artichoke: spinach & artichoke   6.25
Shawarma Meat Pizza: any veggie items with lamb or chicken   6.75
Small Fattoush salad with pizza             2.25 

pita with romaine, red peppers, onion, arabic pickle, house-made yogurt sauce & cilantro pesto
Comes with side of hummus or tabouli
Vegan option
Spicy option
Falafel: traditional vegetarian wrap   7.25
Chicken Shawarma: roasted chicken   7.25
Lamb Shawarma: slow roasted leg of lamb   7.25
Combo Shawarma: chicken & lamb   7.95
Hummus & Fattoush: light & refreshing   7.25
Power Wrap: Baba, feta, almonds, olive, artichoke & chipotle pepper sauce    7.95
Falafel wrap only   5.50
Hummus & Fattoush wrap only   5.50

toasted, seasoned pita   1.95
Baklava   1.95
Assorted beverages available at cafe